MUREȘAN Radu Petre, BĂNCILĂ Maria Yvonne
Metamorphoses of religion and spirituality in contemporary Romanian society

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REZUMAT: The interest in the interdisciplinary research of the religious phenomenon in which theology merges with history, the sociology of religions, and psychology took shape during the study grants and research internships abroad, where I had the privilege of benefiting from the support and guidance of established specialists in the field. Prof.Guido Vergauwen, at that time Director of the Institut d''études oecuméniques in Friborg and dean of the Catholic University of Fribourg, was a good connaisseur of Orthodox theology and spirituality, Prof. Jean-Francois Mayer, one of the best-known specialists in the history and evolution of new religious movements, currently founder and editor of Religioscope, an independent research platform that provides information and analysis on the role of religion in the world, respectively Prof. Dr. Jörg Stolz, a renowned researcher of the sociology of religions, professor at the Institut de sciences sociales des religions (ISSR), of the University of Lausanne and former Director of the Observatory of Religions at the same University.
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