MORARIU Iuliu Marius
Christianity in the research of the members of the Romanian School in Rome (1922-1948). Philological, historical, artistic and architectural aspects

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REZUMAT: We will try to see there how Christianity was, directly and in the fi rst row, or in a secondary way, as a tool or as a peripheral element, a source of inspiration or a topic approached by the researchers that studied in Rome or by its directors. In the same time, we will provide inasmuch as possible, a landscape of the main concerns related with it and of the domains that came in contact with the rich heritage offered by Christianity, both in Rome as outside. The documents published in Diplomatarium Italicum, but also in other sources by the aforementioned researchers, will constitute the starting points, together with the information found in Ephemeris Dacoromana, in the correspondence of the directors8 or in the ones of the students.
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