DREVE Roxana-Ema, DUINEA Raluca-Daniela, POP Raluca, ØVERLAND Fartein Th.
A Lifetime Dedicated to Norwegian Language and Literature Papers in Honour of Professor Sanda Tomescu Baciu

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REZUMAT: We believe that this book will be of interest for researchers, scholars and students worldwide as the topics tackled diverse areas of interest. The chapter entitled - Ibsen studies - comprises the papers of six researchers who examine Ibsen’s work from different perspectives. In a similar vein, the chapter - Norwegian, Romanian and English literature from the 17th to the early 20th century - provides a solid context for the Norwegian, Romanian and English literature up to the 20th century. Old norse philology, folk and polar literature are analyzed in depth in another chapter. Further on, the chapter - Contemporary literature and film - offers salient viewpoints on contemporary authors and the film industry. Language education has gradually become essential in a world that promotes international cooperation and intercultural awareness. The chapter - Perspectives on teaching Norwegian as a Second Language - focuses on teaching practices and didactic strategies that are relevant in the educational academic context.
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