AKHLAQ Sayed Hassan
Intellectual and Spiritual Debates in Islam – A Comprehensive Guide to Islamic Discourse’s Intellectual Origins

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SUMMARY: This book is an introduction to issues of interest and impact from the rich and diverse intellectual traditions of Islam from its inception to present. Those within Islamic study often lament that students and professors do not have a comprehensive and handy text on essential scholarship on the nature and foundations of Islamic civilization to use to explore each intellectual piece in the context of its relationship to other aspects of Islamic thought. Those outside Islamic study often lament that they do not know what’s going on, or how to get up to speed in an era filled with shocking news of brutal attacks on humanity in the name of Islam. They ask, has Islam introduced positive contributions to society and civilization? Most of the scholarship is inaccessible to both insiders and outsiders for the same reason: it is highly technical, sophisticated, detailed, and laden with jargon and methodological description. The insiders enjoy them but get lost in a few concrete cases without the ability to understand how those cases relate to other examples of Islam.
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