Differentiation in digital print advertisements : a comparative perspective

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There has been a long-time debate in the literature about the differentiation of advertising messages, both in academic discussions and in the international advertising practice. However, many authors point out that few studies compare multiple countries and analyze the same elements at a global level, as well as across local versions.

The “global” definition of advertising leaves room for many interpretations. Several aspects should be considered when speaking of the global advertising framework. These are regional/ global awareness, availability of brands, acceptance, and demand, positioning, personality, the “look and feel” in major markets. The global consumer culture is perceived as a set of related symbols and behaviors which are commonly understood, yet not necessarily shared by consumers and businesses. It does not stand for homogenization of values, as many perceive it, as much as diffusion of consumption signs and behaviors, from Western to Eastern countries. And one of the driving forces of this is international advertising.