TĂRĂU Ștefania-Lucia
Children’s Acquisition of Functional Categories in L1 Romanian

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SUMMARY: The primary purpose of the present paper was to add value to the actual evidence in the domain of L1A by providing a salient analysis aligned to the predictions and the objectives set from the beginning of the investigative process. The generative theoretical framework was selected inquiring upon the syntactic models available in conceiving the paper. The thorough incursion and the research results led to compelling arguments favouring a nativist perspective on L1A. Although many problematic situations found salient explanations in the generative models, many elements still seek accurate description. Still, it proves to be a reliable model for the field. The arguments have been built based on the evidence provided by the empirical data. The main theoretical directions narrowed the presentation to the core conceptual properties fostering an insightful analysis of the results.
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