Sociologie Românească, vol XV, nr. 1-2/2017

  ISSN 2668-1455, ISSN-L 1220-5389
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SUMMARY: Youth in transition countries: innovative potential, new context, new problems, and new challenges Coordonator: Sorin Mitulescu The present issue of Romanian Sociology Revue is dedicated to the connection between the social troubles specific to the transition from communism to the market economy and democracy on the one hand and the specific anxieties of young people who are looking for a road and a place in the adult life. The idea of publishing such a number appeared at the end of an international research project coordinated by Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland called Youth in Transition Countries: Innovative Potential, New Context, New Problems, and New Challenges (and shortly, Harmony project). The project gathered selected ex-communist European and Asian countries, which differ in historical background, cultural tradition, and advancement of systemic transformation. The analyses were based on national and international data and focused on describing youth’s life situation, education, entry into adulthood, and civil and political attitudes, in the socio- economic context and in the local political context where the processes take place.
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