GREAVU Elena-Arina
Recent Anglicisms in Romanian. Evolution and Integration

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SUMMARY: A popular name for the linguistic variety resulting from the use of English words in contemporary Romanian is ‘romgleză’. This term was coined by Eugen Simion and subsequently used by language purists and not only, to decry the mixing of English and Romanian words into a seemingly hybrid and debased discourse form. The term in itself suggests a process which is gratuitous, haphazard and not governed by any rules, and as such has fuelled an attitude of criticism and rejection towards this area of linguistic innovation in present-day Romanian. Most often, the discourse about Anglicisms is based on several negative metaphors, the occurrence of English elements in Romanian discourse being described as an invasion and a menace to the language, but also as an indecency, something low and degrading that should trigger reactions of repulsion and rejection. In this context, the main purpose of this book is to study the English influence on present-day Romanian in several of its linguistic aspects, thus answering a call for the objective investigation of this phenomenon by effective means, not by “prejudice and intolerance, by purism and discrimination” (our translation) (Avram, 1997: 29).
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