CHERECHEŞIU Victor, POP Adriana, PÂRVU Marcel

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SUMMARY: THE SULPHITE CONTENT IN SOIL AND EDIBLE MUSHROOMS FROM BISTRIŢA VALLEY. Luminiţa AGOROAEI, Cornelia MIRCEA, Cătălin TĂNASE, Claudia BUTNARI, Elena BUTNARI, Maria PROCA Abstract: The paper presents the results of a study concerning the sulphite content (expressed in ugSCVg dried product at 105°C) in soil and edible mushrooms samples from Bistriţa Valley, suspected by pollution with sulphur oxides. The samples have been harvested in two periods: October 2001 (6 samples of soil, 22 samples of mushrooms mean 15 species) and September 2002 (6 samples of soil, 19 samples of mushrooms mean 10 species). For the soil samples, the content in sulphite ranges between 4.51-25.54 ug S02/g for the first period of harvesting, while in September 2002 the concentration of this pollutant increased, ranging between 92.92 and 194.88 ug SCVg. In October 2001, a very large variation of sulphite concentration in mushrooms between 734.90 (Collybia butyracea, Piatra Şoimului) and 13.97 (Clitocybe nebularis, Cozla) has been observed. For the second period of harvesting, the level of sulphite in mushrooms was under 65 jag S02/g. [...]